Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chromebook Pixel: overpriced

Chromebook Pixel: overpriced

That's right folks, the video we all say wasn't a lie. The Chromebook pixel has arrived. It's real, and really overpriced.

The device itself is quite nice. It has a VERY high resolution screen, actually higher than Apple's Retina display I believe. Brightness is great, and colors look vibrant.

On top of that, it has a touchscreen, which, although responsive, does not feel as say a phone or tablet. The machine itself is very good looking, although not strikingly thin.

However, the device is quite minimal looking, which does look appealing.

Before we go on, take a look at this picture comparing the resolution between another Chromebook.

Some other Chromebook is on top, and the new Pixel is below. You can see an amazing difference.

But, we got a problem. $1,299 is the price. And that is solely Wi-fi. Now this is a problem. Most laptops are under this price, in fact, you could get a Surface pro for this price, download Chrome, and that's pretty much all you need. At least that way you can download programs like iTunes or something. For just a touch-screen and high-resolution display, the price needs to be lower.

What I am surprised about is that their Nexus line of products has been so affordable before. They got tons of praise for that. Probably the reason the Nexus 4 and 7 did so well it that they were so cheap. But this is just crazy.

Overall, the device looks quite nice... Minus the price tag. If they took off even $500, it would be worth it. But for now, I'll stick with an Air + Chrome.

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