Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why the new wave of young developers?

Why the new wave of young developers?

If you have been keeping up with technology, then you have probably heard of a bunch of young app developers. A few years ago, saying young probably implied college or someone in their twenties. However, things have changed. Today, young developers could be anyone from ten to twenty. There have been plenty of app developers under 15, and many who have yet to get into college. But why this new wave of developers?

First, we must become aware that there seems to be a big difference between people close to 10 building apps, and those of teenagers. I have personal experience with very young developers, and although they do have a product, they understand very little about the language and pretty much need the code provided for them. They can memorize it, but have no idea what they are actually learning. Around 14 though, I would say a quarter of these young developers try to expand their horizon. They take up new languages, learn some theory, and continue to grow. This is when you can see a change in products.

Now, back to the real point of this post. Why are there more developers now than before. Well, one reason is a new found interest. Since apps and software as become more abundant, with these young people using apps on a daily basis, it provides a new interest for these apps. Several years ago, very few people understood this software (especially people under twenty), but now the amount of programmers is abundant, and students are around these people more often. This makes them want to create something.

Great, but how can they? Isn't programming suppose to be very hard, isn't that why programmers get paid easily over $100,000 a year? Well, here's a good quote for you. "App development is easy, programming is hard" - Myself.

Especially Apple has tried hard to make the IDE and SDK extremely easy to use. They provide tons of documentation, and Stackoverflow is full of code to use. You really don't need to understand a ton to develop apps. I covered this in my second paragraph. Many "app developers" including adults, do not really understand theories and the backbone behind these things. Therefore they do not work for "software" companies, they work for app development companies.

Therefore, since the interest if high and can be easily accomplished, students now take it up. However, I have another important point to make. Only the quarter I mentioned who actually tries to learn theory and the reason behind things can really make good apps. I have seen apps created by 10 year olds, 13 year olds... They aren't good. The UI is terrible, performance is bad, and bugs are around every corner. However, you can look at some people around 16, and they can create wonderful products.

In fact, let me rant on some more. I really don't like dealing with developers under 15. They tend to think they know what they are doing, when the don't even know the language they are writing in. Now, there are developers who understand some more, but in general, apps created by people under 15 stink. But that is not why I get angry, that makes sense. People need to improve themselves, everyone does. However, what irritates me is that these young people actually publish the app! Just because you have an app doesn't mean you should publish it. Give it a while, update the UI, fix the bugs, etc.

Like I said though, there are some very good developers in between 15 and 20. However, only about 25% of all young people who create these apps can makes nice creations. But, as the amount of developers grow, 25% is still a lot of people.

Note to any young developers reading this:

Whether you are 10 or twenty, don't think I disrespect you. If you are programming at all at that age, you are ahead of many people. But if you are going to start it, do it well. Learn about it, get some books, go to college in computer science. Don't just create mediocre stuff and publish it. We need good programmers, not mediocre ones.

Let me give you a little tip, I myself am a student.  I am under 17, I have learned a lot, but only because I spend time with VERY talented developers. Most people don't have this experience, but it doesn't mean you should quit. Try your hardest, read, and of course, code.

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  1. My name is Kevin and i'm 21 years old learning C. I'm very in eager to become and app developer but i would like to know what is your best advice in becoming proficient in java or any language. I'm not fortunate like yourself having support from experienced developers so what would you say to some one with minimal resources. Thank you in advance.


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