Friday, February 22, 2013

Why people care to much about Windows 8.

Why people care to much about Windows 8.

Windows 8 has been a source of debate since it arrived. Things seem harder to find, it brought drastic changes. Those are true. Maybe going from 7 to 8 is not like Vista-7. This is a major overhaul. However, people are getting a little to aggressive with the new OS.

The biggest problem people are having is the learning curve. But guess what? It takes us longer to figure out how to use our new toaster. Humans are adaptive. In fact, that is probably an understatement. We can adjust to almost everything. Windows 8 is no exception.

I have experience with this. I used Windows XP for the longest time. Then, I heard about Windows 8... Stupid, that's what I thought. But I downloaded the developer preview (being the geek I am), and tried it out.

15 minutes later, I hated it. I couldn't even find a way to shutdown the device. BUT! After about an hour, I was all set, I figured out how things worked, and things don't take any longer than they did before. That's it. Now, I still am not a fan of Windows 8, but it really isn't the end of the world if you get it. I might not pay for it, but I wouldn't mind if someone forced me to install it. I don't care if I get a new laptop with it.

"What about the start button, it's gone!?". Well, that is true. But you just move your mouse to the same place and press there, then viola! All your pinned apps. It's actually easier to use then the seemingly random Windows Start button. If you want to search for an app, then just start typing. It's easy.

It may be different, but it's not impossible. You WILL figure it out after a max of a day.

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