Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Real world phone statistics

So I currently am on vacation in Florida. Today I spent almost the entire day at Islands of Adventure and carefully examined every smartphone I saw. (It's possible people thought I was creepily staring at them, but they would be wrong)

Now of course, with hundreds and hundreds of smartphones on the market and me being around hundreds and hundreds of people, I assumed I would see a large range of phones. I was quite wrong.

In fact the results where surprisingly unsurprising. Apple and Samsung dominated the Park. Here’s the ratios of my observations.

iPhone to Galaxy S - 10:1
Galaxy S to other Androids - 5:1

These results really demonstrate what "real" people are using. Whether or not you think Android is better than iOS or that Apple makes better products than Samsung, the results stand. iOS is still by far the most popular Smartphone.

However what we can observe is Samsung's high abilities here. Hundreds of Android phones, but there where 5X as many Galaxy S's as there where other android phones. These are incredible results and I have to give Samsung credit for making the Galaxy S series really a brand of its own, separate from Android.

Of course, this does not mean the iPhone is the best smartphone or that the Galaxy S's are the best Android handsets. These are simply the most well known, best advertised, and the phones that "just work" for people.

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