Monday, April 29, 2013

New Thunderbird Icons now in the current Daily!

New Thunderbird Icons now in the current Daily!

I recently finished my bug up that adds new Thunderbird icons.

As you all know, the Australis UI-change for Firefox is a pretty big deal, and should arrive in Firefox 24. However, as seen from some of my other blog posts, I have been pushing some theme changes for TB as well. The changes will not be nearly as drastic, but the more major ones will include.

  • New TB Icons - Will arrive in the next version of Thunderbird
  • Tabs in the titlebar - May arrive in the next version of Thunderbird.
  • New Three-pane vertical view - May arrive in the version proceeding the next TB version.
  • New Composer Window UI - Unknown. Hopefully sooner rather than later
 So as you can see, the changes won't be nearly as rapid as the Australis is, and for the most part TB will stay familiar.

Anyway, today I am pleased to inform you all that the TB icons have arrived in the current Daily. Take a look!

Pretty nice eh? This is just a small change, but eventually things should look pretty awesome.

(Don't have Thunderbird or Firefox. Go get it! Use the "mozilla" link in the top-right corner for more information on Mozilla products.)


  1. What is the process now of the "New Three-pane vertical view " ?

    1. Wish it could be better. :( Unfortunately the amount of work it would take is incredible, and the chances of me getting to it anytime soon are highly unlikely. I really wish we had better means to accomplish this task, but we simply don't have the resources.

      According to last months count, we only are averaging about 13 volunteers actively working a month. We still have many bugs and other ui-improvements to work on, therefore fixing that bug is unlikely. I'm really hoping that some new enthusiastic volunteer will come and work solely on that project.


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