Friday, February 1, 2013

Apple needs to stop listening to consumers.

Apple Needs to Stop Listening to Consumers

Alright, that probably sounds a lot worse than it is meant to be. Apple should listen to us, but they are trying a little to hard to please people. Part of what made Apple, well Apple, is their willingness to not do what everyone else is, but to innovate, and make the best products it can.

Of course, you can tell that Apple is starting to slip. Just take a look at it's stocks. Sure, it has the highest profit margin this quarter than any other technology company, but technology is more than the here and now. It is the future.

Take a look at the iPhone 5. What would you say the biggest change is? Probably the height right? Well, is it fair to say the Apple did that only to please consumers. Sure. Now does that mean Apple should have stayed with it's petite iPhone size. No. What it means is that Apple isn't ahead anymore. They are behind other companies, picking up the new standard, instead of creating it.

When Apple created Siri, soon all other companies went to make a knock-off. Some did okay, some did horrible, but they all tried. (Other's like Google did very well, but Google Now is quite a bit different than Siri). However, iOS 6 lacked features. There wasn't really any fantastic new thing that we should be excited about. Instead, Apple just added things that companies have been doing for ages.

Now look at NFC, one thing Apple is avoiding. But it shouldn't be avoiding it. This is a place where Apple should listen to consumers. NFC should be added, and if not, they need to invent something to help their Passbook.

In summary though, Apple needs to stop trying to add little things to please us now, and instead work on adding things other's don't have, to please us later. This is what Apple is lacking. Hopefully 2013 will be better.

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