Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Blackberry 10 OS could do well.

Why Blackberry 10 OS could do well.

Okay, this title is a little misleading. This is not about all the reasons BB 10 could do well, but instead just brings some of the most interesting points.

Firstly, I just want to say that after examining the new OS, it looks pretty well done. The OS itself, really is a decent competitor to primarily iOS (UI-wise), but what will keep it from succeeding is app content. However, RIM has done a very good job at getting developers on board. I will explain why:

1. HTML 5 App Compatibility: RIM has wisely decided to allow developers to create HTML 5-based apps, and testing has shown BB10 to have some of the best HTML5 rendering anywhere, which should make developers happy as they could now easily write an app for Web Browsers (Desktop), Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS, and so on. Very nice.

2. Well-known Native Languages: RIM's main languages for developers is C/C++, which should make developers really happy. C and C++ are well known languages, and devs are probably already accustom to using it.

3. The most important. An Android Re-packager. That's right. BB has a tool that allows you to take your existing Android app, throw it into their program, and it will come out as a nice little Blackberry application. At times it might take a little more work, but it should definitely help speed up the process.

As you can see, RIM has done a good job trying to get developers on-board. I must admit I am quite interested. However, we will have to wait and see how this goes down. RIM has a chance...

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