Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Microsoft is screwing Developers

Blog Post 9: Why Microsoft is screwing Developers

Okay. I'm pretty mad. Windows 8 is causing huge problems for developers, and since I am one, I will share my thoughts on this.

Windows 8 is making developers write multiple programs! Instead of before being able to just write an app, have it work on all operating systems, you know have to do the following to really be successful.

  1. Write an application for the "old" Windows.
  2. Because people are also buying Windows RT and even the pro version is more oriented towards tablets, you must also write a Windows 8 version.
  3. Now, you can not use that Windows 8 version you published and make it work on Windows Phone, which for some reason is also called Windows 8. Instead, you must write yet another app.
So, three whole apps just to cover Microsoft's supposedly "integrated" environment. No thanks. I'm sticking with Cocoa and Java thank you.

This really is ridiculous. I have said I give Microsoft credit for trying something, but this was a big fail. Honestly, it's crazy. Let's compare this to some other companies. Google and Apple.

Apple has Mac and iOS. Both languages are the same, the APIs differ only slightly. 

Google has Android (Which runs Java, which can easily be ported to any other system). They also have the Chrome OS. But guess what? All you have to do is write an HTML App. Then, it works on Chrome, Chrome OS, and with some slight tweaking, other browsers, and the Firefox OS.

Instead of following this path, Microsoft is making developers write three times as many programs. Not cool. :(

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