Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Concerning Connecticut

Blog Post 8 - Concerning Connecticut 

I'm sure anyone who is reading this knows what I am talking about. A few days ago, a man walked into a school of very, very young kids. (Kindergarten age), and started shooting. He killed 26 people. 20 children, 6 adults. Now, I am not going to go over the details, it is all over the news, you can find it yourself. I just want to dedicate a post to the children, the children's families, and the families of the adults. 

I just want to express how sorry I am, not really for the children who died, or the adults you died, but for the families of these beloved people. I have no idea how hard it must be to lose your kids at a place that should have been save, especially so close to Christmas. This is not the present they should have received. 

It's horrible. How anyone could do this to these people I have no idea, but I feel great agony for the families that lost their loved ones. 

As for the teachers, I am so glad that we still live in a world with such heroes. Although I can not remember her name, I was so filled with joy at the lady you placed her class in the closet, and waited... Waited for the gunner to come in, told him her class was at gym, and stood there... She died. 

That is a true hero. One who stood there, ready to die for her class. She didn't even really know those children, they weren't her's. But the fact that she could is a wonderful story. 

Of course, almost every adult in there was a hero that day. Even the principal went to go take the gunner on, of course, he didn't make it either. 

I also feel horrible for the children who escaped, but had to witness such a horrible thing. It's a school, it is suppose to be safe, but now many of the kid's friends are dead. It's a horrific thing.

However, I can just hope and pray that the families can get over this, and maybe slightly enjoy Christmas, although I am not sure how they can. It is just not a merry christmas this year.

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