Saturday, March 23, 2013

Firefox's new UI (Step 1)

 Firefox's New UI (Step 1)

Over the past several months, we have been working on a new UI for Firefox. One that will lighten up the experience and make it less "machine-like". Step one is very close to completion, "Australis". 

These are the new curvy tabs that resemble Thunderbird's current look. Emphasizing the current tab, and drawing them in the titlebar on OS X. As seen from my image above (That is no mockup, that's the real thing.), Things are looking pretty good. But there is still some work to do.

But now, I must admit that my involvement in this is very new. So far my work is on moving the buttons off the titlebar (which is almost done). Anyways, there are a few people who get to take most of the credit for this wonderful work.

First, Mike Conley - The code driver behind this work. Blog at

Second, Matthew N. - Who did the "hard part" for Windows.

And of course, Stephen Horlander, the mastermind behind this whole idea. Blog at:

(Sorry if I missed someone, these are just the people I am aware of working on this via code/main design)

This looks so good it makes going back almost impossible. Take that Chrome!

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