Monday, January 14, 2013

Are we dropping Apple too soon?

Are we dropping Apple too soon?


2012 wasn't a good year for Apple. People need to realize that. It just wasn't. iOS 6 added nothing new, except for some bugs, and there was really nothing innovative in their entire iOS lineup. The Mini didn't have Retina display, two new iPads in 6 months??? (Note: I am excluding their Mac Line, which did very well, and I am extremely happy with it)

However, after iOS 6, many of us (including myself) took this opportunity to abandon ship. I left iOS, and switched to Android. It wasn't terribly difficult, and I am pretty much happy with Android. However, did we leave to soon? I think so.

As an App developer with a low profit margin, I do not have any iOS devices of my own currently. I have a few testers, which is nice, but for myself I am stuck with the Simulator. Okay. But that is not really the big deal. It's the reason. Why am I writing for iOS and not Android. iOS sells better, and you can write for it faster. I can make better stuff there. Even Google did with Google Maps. They are aware of that.

Apps are better on iOS, and for many more years, they still will be. Apple, although controlling, does a good job on their stuff in general. Now, looking purely at this year, I would say they lost something. But perhaps it was a fluke, all companies have that. Now it is 2013, and Apple could do something big. We are expecting an Apple TV (A smart one), that could really revolutionize the Smart TV market. I know Samsung and LG have some, but they are expensive and no one wants to jump onto that train. Apple people would trust. iOS 7 could be amazing, maybe it will allow you to switch your default maps app to Google... Okay, forget about the last part.

What I'm saying is that we all left in less than one year. We gave Apple one chance. Is that fair? Probably not. 2013 might come, and we might wish we had stuck with Apple. Will we? Well, we are just going to have to wait and see.

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