Monday, December 24, 2012

Swiping is coming to Firefox for Mac!

 Blog Post 13: Swiping is coming to Firefox for Mac!

I've got some great news guys! I am a Mozillian, and I work on the Firefox Project. Well, I saw an old bug from a while ago about adding a swiping animation similar to what Safari uses on OS X. "Finally!" I thought, it was about time. So, I commented, and got to work on it. A guy named Markus worked on it for a while with me, and then he went to something else and it was taken over by Stephen. I am so grateful for him.

I won't lie and say I did most of the work, I didn't. Stephen and Markus did most of the code, as my C++ skills aren't up to par yet (I'm an Objective-C developer), however, I did a lot, and we are close to finishing.

However, there are still a few problems. The biggest problem, is still memory usage. After using Firefox for a day, and since I don't usually quit, around 2:00 P.M. I am at 2.2 GB of memory. Not good. We'll try to fix that soon. Hopefully, swiping will be here by Firefox 20!


  1. Any progress on this? It is the main thing keeping me from never using Safari

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